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2012 CMC

Postby Al Fernandez » Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:39 am

CMC drivers and fans
Its been several years that CMC has been running split fields with CMC1 and CMC2 cars. Over this time our drivers have voted their preference with their actions and the fields have overwhelmingly shifted to CMC2. During the first two events of 2011 Texas had a single CMC1 entry and California had only two. Some regions have a higher count of CMC1 cars, but that is only because as a region the drivers decided to all stay in the same class and are either switching "en masse" this year or next year.

Your CMC officials together with NASA National have therefore decided that this year, 2011, will be the last year that the CMC class is split into CMC1 and CMC2. Beginning with the 2012 race season CMC will once again be a single class under the current CMC2 rules package. This will simplify the logistics of timing&scoring as well as grids, enable better awards, and make it easier for those coming into the series to see what they are getting into. It will of course also set us up for bigger fields, something all of us drivers want. Since a current CMC1 car is perfectly legal under CMC2 if there are any remaining cars under that setup in 2012 they will of course be able to run with the group.

This will mark the end of what has been at some times a difficult transition from CMC's original max power of 237hp to the current CMC2 267 that has seen such success and desireability by both our new and existing drivers. Long term CMC will continue with these current rules, thereby ensuring CMC continues to be the lowest cost pony car racing series within NASA.
Al Fernandez
CMC Chief National Director

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