StopTech releases a new, CMC2 specific kit!

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StopTech releases a new, CMC2 specific kit!

Postby adam_ginsberg » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:20 am

StopTech listened to the CMC racers, and created a CMC2 specific kit, with spares availability, and it's own part numbers for SN95/Fox3/Cam-birds: ... &Itemid=66

Ryan Kim w/StopTech met with CMC racers at the MMP Nationals in September, and worked with his engineering team to create a kit that meets the CMC2 requirements.

At this time, they do not have a 13" kit for the S197's (they make a 14" kit). However, StopTech is looking for S197 drivers that are interested in purchasing a 13" kit - if they can get 3 or more orders, they will make a CMC2 legal S197 13" kit.

Although the kit does NOT appear on their website, it is available via StopTech's distribution channel. If your StopTech dealer does not have the part number for the CMC2 kit, it's likely they haven't received the updated parts listings.

Driver's requiring more information can contact Ryan Kim directly (info below), or myself.

Ryan Kim
STOPTECH | Motorsports Sales Engineer
Mobile: 310.901.5779
Direct: 310.933.1146
Fax: 310.933.1109
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