While the rest of you were shoveling snow...

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While the rest of you were shoveling snow...

Postby Al Fernandez » Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:55 pm

The Texas crew was out at Motorsports Ranch Houston for the first round of the Texas season. We had 14 cars in CMC and were very happy to see guys and cars that havent been able to come out very much lately like Chuck Penney and Jeff Tilton. Its been pretty cold and wet for Houston lately, but this weekend was sunny and mid 60s all day. At night it dipped lower but that wasnt anything a good bonfire didnt fix.

Craig McCormick took advantage of the cool weather to set a track record, and John Martin scored his first win in R4 on Sunday. Congratulations to both!!

Podiums for the weekend:
R1 Mosty, McCormick, Martin
R2 Gardner, McCormick, Mosty
R3 Mosty, McCormick, Fernandez
R4 Martin, Gardner, Mosty

The Jordans sucked a valve early in the weekend sidelining them and Francis learned the hard way that an oil catch can needs a vent but otherwise it was a low mechanical impact weekend.

Next race for us is almost two months away at MSR Cresson and there are rumors of folks from the frozen north coming down to thaw...
Al Fernandez
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Postby BryanL » Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:28 am

Yes, The Texas Mustang Challenge is already in full swing.

-Congrats to John Martin for his first win
-Congrats to Craig McCormick for setting the track record
-Congrats to Al Fernandez for being the lone GM product to make the podium out of all 4 races.

Maybe we should rename our group "M Series" for Mustang, Mosty, McCormick, Martin, and I wonder if Gardner's middle name starts with M?

Lastly, let's all thank the track dyno for such a great job.

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Postby D. Francis » Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:03 am

BryanL wrote:Lastly, let's all thank the track dyno for such a great job.
Most people have to pay much more to get results like that.

Stangs were certainly quick... I certainly brought a knife to gun fight. At least it didn't actually catch on fire the two times I inadvertently tried...

At least we're back in the cars.
David Francis
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