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Postby Steffeazy » Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:19 pm

BryanL wrote:Ahh-you work at Comanche Peak......little do you know that the Harry Hogge of CMC lurks out there. He (or I) can point you in the direction of the perfect car that you should buy to get on track. You could be winning races with it next year-very affordable and one of the best builds out there plus it's in Texas. All it needs is fresh fluids, tires, and belts and it's ready to be a podium contender at the first race next year.
The numbers being thrown out are accurate. Do you have a truck/trailer that is reliable and can tow a few hundred miles?

Yep, I'm one of the poor souls hating life right now at Comanche Peak. Outages are an undesired side effect of working here. Glad to see there's some other people from the Peak on here.

I have a 2006 Ram 3500, but not my own trailer. I do have access to a trailer if I need it, though.

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Postby BryanL » Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:25 pm

Great post Mitch-that was a great time-I was expecting a Cat!

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Postby AllZWay » Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:29 pm

mitchntx wrote:I'm too busy eating ice cream.


Good Times... Anyone seen my gloves? :D
James Proctor
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Postby mitchntx » Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:36 pm


It's always best to study the competition in order to perform better.


Crew was highly motivated. I've taken what I learned in motivation skills into the nuclear industry.

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Postby D. Francis » Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:14 am

mitchntx wrote:Crew was highly motivated. I've taken what I learned in motivation skills into the nuclear industry.
Enduros are just like nuclear operations... calm, cool, and collected for long periods of time interrupted by sheer terror.

Steffeazy- take Glenn up on his offer if you can and get pictures and info of that AllZWay cat's car.

"Hey, next time by Start/Finish go high, we want to look at something on the car..."
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