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---- How to register for the CMC forums ---

Postby Nick Steel » Fri Oct 19, 2007 3:07 pm

It seems there was a bug with the forum software that I just discovered last week.

When I go through an activate someone's new account the forum software is supposed to send an email to notify that person that their account is active.

It appears the software isn't doing that - so, if you signed up recently and didn't get an email that your account is active please try logging in and if you have problems please drop me an email ( snicko AT noid.org ).

For the rest of the new folks signing up - please drop me an email if your account doesn't get activated in a day or so.

Last night it I put a couple of changes in that should cut down on the influx of SpamBots registering (we were getting 12 - 15 or so a day) so I should be able to pick out the real people vs the spambots a lot easier now as there have been zero spambot registrations so far in the last 24 hrs.


--- Nick

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