2011 West Coast AI/CMC/FFR Schedule is announced!!

Information from the series officials

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2011 West Coast AI/CMC/FFR Schedule is announced!!

Postby adam_ginsberg » Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:28 pm

Similar to 2010, we did our best to listen to our racers, and make changes to the schedule to see more drivers racing with us.

For 2011, we will still have a total of 8 events, evenly split between NoCal and SoCal. However, we've increased the number of regional events from 4 to 5 by including "Cross-over" events - the March 19-20 Infineon event, even though it's a NorCal event, will count towards SoCal points. Similarly, the July 30-31 Cal Speedway event will count for the NorCal championship.

As before, the committed racer has the availability to win 3 championships in a single year, 4 championships if you include the Nationals. Standard 20% drop rules will apply to each of the championships:

NorCal - 3 drops (based on a 5 event, 15 race schedule)
SoCal - 3 drops (based on a 5 event, 15 race schedule)
West Coast - 5 drops (based on an 8 event, 24 race schedule)

This still provides for the racer who prefers to race close to home, but has the ability to travel for one event. It also gives ample time between events, in addition to a 2 month break for those who wish to attend the 2011 NASA Nationals at Mid-Ohio.

2011 West Coast AI/CMC/FFR schedule:

February 12-13, Infineon
March 19-20, Infineon (Crossover)
April 9-10, Buttonwillow
May 14-15, Thunderhill
June 25-26, Buttonwillow
July 30- 31, California Speedway (Crossover)
Oct 8-9, Buttonwillow
Nov 12-13 Infineon

We look forward to seeing the California AI/CMC and FFR racers for the 2011 season!
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