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New Texas Regional Director

Postby Al Fernandez » Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:12 pm

In all of the current events around Texas I forgot to mention one of the most important changes here to you guys! Rob Liebbe has taken over my role as Texas Regional Director. He is in charge of both AI and CMC here in Texas as a matter of fact. Rob brings a tremendous amount of experience to the CMC Board, as well as being an engineer and a Mustang driver. Congrats Rob!!!

Glenn Landrum will continue his role as Texas AI/CMC Regional Director. Glenn and Rob will work together the same way Glenn and Todd and myself have worked together.

Todd will no longer be named as a CMC official in our rules as he will be focusing on AI at the national level. The CMC Board will continue to include him in discussions as an advisor since we want to ensure consistency with our sister class.

I will continue as the Chief National Director for CMC and will try very hard to let Rob and Glenn handle Texas regional issues without me getting in their way! :lol:
Al Fernandez
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