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New Forum

Postby Al Fernandez » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:39 am

We've created this new forum in an attempt to improve communications to you, the CMC racers, from us, the series officials. The purpose of this is to give us a place to post information or news around things we're dealing with on a more real time basis, and prior to things being set in stone. The reason the forum is locked for everyone other than series officials is simply to make it more organized and easier for racers to find topics. Of course you're free to open up threads in the other forums on topics we may post on here.

Our goal here is to keep all of you better informed about what is going on (if anything) that might concern you, increase the transparency of series decisions, and give you more of the facts and backgrounds around those decisions. Lets give it a shot and see how everyone likes it.
Al Fernandez
CMC Chief National Director

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